Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is without doubt the major concern when it comes to availing as well as providing escort services. In case you are having any such concern regarding booking escort services in Manchester, then you can just take a look at our website or give us a call. We will address all your concerns connected to the high quality and discrete services offered by our beautiful escorts.

Clients are welcome to state their own terms and conditions regarding the privacy policy. As long as it does not undermine our business policy, we will comply with them to the fullest. Our sole aim is to provide you with the very level of privacy and discretion that you expect from our escort services. We ensure that our clients get the privacy they need when spending alone time with our escorts.

Our clients are required to provide us with some information that we need in order to go ahead with the transaction. We ensure that these information are not mishandled. The information provided remains strictly confined between the agency and the client.

Details to be provided

When a client approaches our escort agency in Dubai Angels with an inquiry regarding our services, we request them to provide us with some specific information. These include full name of the client, his mobile number and email address, his landline number (for verification purposes if the booking is at their home) or his hotel room number (for verification purposes for hotel outcalls). We assure you that keeping all these information confidential and treating it as business information will be our top priority.

Escort agency in Manchester Privacy Policy

It is our policy that we do not give out the information provided by our clients to a third party. In case a situation arises where any of the information provided by you is required to be shared, we will ask for your permission first. We respect your privacy and it is our policy to never use any of the information you provided for our personal benefit.

All the information that you provide us is protected under the Data Protection Act 1988. This ensures that all the information that we receive – be it from you or other clients, be it offline, through telephone or online – are retained safely with us. Hence you can trust us with full confidence in our privacy policy. Since we function under this Act, we will never give out your information without your consent.

We need the requisite private information from you so that we can provide you with the highest level of escort services. Once you provide us with the requisite information, we can also decide if you need higher amount of privacy or the usual regular amount that we provide to all our clients. Based on the information you provide we can give you suitable service and it also simplifies your transactions the next time you book with us.

If you have any other queries regarding our privacy policy, feel free to call us. We assure you that our sole commitment is to provide you with excellent escort services in Dubai Angels.